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At Jennifer Johnson & Associates, our associates are tenacious, hard-working, highly trained, motivated, and excited about the CLNC® profession.
Jennifer Johnson, CEO

Jennifer Johnson, CEO


Jennifer Johnson – RN, BSN, MBA, CLNC® received her BSN from The University of Pittsburgh in 1987 and earned her MBA from Eastern University in 2003. She earned her certification as a Legal Nurse Consultant through the Vickie Milazzo Institute in 2012.

During her 8-year tenure as the Quality Director of At Home Health, Jennifer was successful in leading the agency to be awarded as a “Top 25%, Top 100, and Top 500 Agency by HomeCare Elite” among approximately 16,000 home health providers in the nation. This groundbreaking award named Medicare-certified agencies whose performance measure in quality outcomes, quality improvement, and financial performance was top in the nation.

Jennifer developed a love for responding to Medicare and managed care additional requests and appeals. Appeals, as well as identifying crucial issues in the medical records, both for performance improvement for clinicians and building a defense in response to requests and denials from Medicare and managed care providers, sparked her second interest in certified legal nurse consulting.

Jennifer brings 32 years of nursing experience, 15 at the bedside in our nation’s hospitals, rehabs and clinics, 17 years in home health care, and 7 years as a CLNC®.

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