Legal Nurse Consultant and Pain and Suffering Analysis

Explaining conscious the pain and suffering of a litigant is complex, and one of the important services offered by Jennifer Johnson and Associates. We detail how your client’s life has changed post-incident, considering their injuries and required treatment. Our analysis can be the evidence to influence pre-trial settlement, to provoke a higher settlement later, or as a basis for expert fact testimony.

Preparing a pain and suffering analysis is difficult. It requires an understanding of medical and legal issues. Here, the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s medical knowledge and expertise are of benefit to legal professionals.

The CLNC can explain complex medical information to the legal team, with the result bein grounds for a higher settlement for the client. Or they can secure expert testimony to assist attorneys with the client’s case.

Expert Witnesses

The pain and suffering analysis – FRE 1006 summary witness report – may require a line-up of witnesses.

The Legal Nurse Consultant will do a thorough study of the small print in the medical reports and present a precise summary of the pain and suffering the client is experiencing or underwent.

As a result, the Legal Nurse Consultant will be ready to intervene as an Evidence Rule 1006 summary witness. They will speak for the law firm’s client and tell the client’s story.

The CLNC will strive to make the jury understand fully the pain and suffering the client underwent, by explaining the medical and physical complications that dogged the client during and after treatment.

The purpose is to help the jury understand the gravity of the pain the client suffered in their day-to-day life post the traumatic life-changing event.

Telling the Story of Pain & Suffering

Legal Nurse Consultants help attorneys tell the client’s story by translating complicated medical reports into an understandable narrative.The Legal Nurse Consultant will prepare an authentic and to-the-point report on the pain the attorney’s client has suffered as a result of accident or injury. The legal team receives an organized, simple to read and easy to understand report; specific to the case. The report will explain the pain and suffering within the legal framework.

For instance, it could be a case of delayed diagnosis, postponed treatment, a mishap involving motor vehicles, injuries to the spinal cord, workplace injuries, the fallout of surgical and medication, or drug reactions.

The Advantages

Personal injury litigations, for example, can involve hundreds of pages of medical records, which the attorney has to review to decide if the case has merit and scrutinize for important details to support the case. Furthermore, fi the case goes to trial, the jury may have to evaluate the medical records to deliver a verdict.

In such cases, having a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant on the team has advantages.

  • Cost-efficiency. Preferable to calling a multitude of healthcare providers to testify
  • Familiar with the medical and technical terms – abbreviations, symbols, and terminology – required to read medical records.
  • Will present an easy to understand and convincing summary of several confusing narratives.
  • Trained to grasp the nature of the evidence presented in court and, therefore, will be the perfect person to retain as a 1006 summary witness.
  • And, the CLNC will present a fair voice – impartial and without bias.


A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has the required medical experience and knowledge to assist litigation teams of personal injury and malpractice attorneys with the tools to fight and win their cases.

Their pain and suffering analysis, based on the facts and issues involved, will help to yield a favorable outcome for the client.

Contact Jennifer Johnson and Associate Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to discuss your particular need.