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With a clear medical picture in hand, a topnotch legal nurse consultant will bridge the gap between the allegations of injury and the comprehensive details surrounding the care and health status. Not only will they explain the complexities in easy to understand terms, but the legal nurse consultant can summarize the report to provide answers to all the important questions that the attorney(s) uses to shape a winning strategy.

The legal sector and the medical field often overlap, such as during medical malpractice cases. Since most stakeholders in the legal industry are not always familiar with medical terms and provisions, they often hire Certified Legal Nurse Consultants as expert witnesses.

The special terminologies used can be hard to understand for most people, including attorneys and other legal experts. Therefore, legal nurse consultants work as expert witnesses to help in translating medical terminologies during court cases that involve medical aspects. The consultants help to bridge the gap between the medical and legal sectors.

Why Hire a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

Relevant Experience.

Our Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, use their medical experience to interpret all the medical records to explain the true medical story.

A nurse’s education and experience in dealing with ill and injured people enhance their abilities as expert witnesses. Even if an attorney handles medical-related cases, each case can be different in many ways.

As a result, legal experts may have a hard time trying to understand the medical terminologies associated with their current cases. Reviewing medical records during a court case is a time-consuming process and impossible for those inexperienced in the sector.

Jennifer Johnson and Associates can identify a nuanced but relevant, inconsistent, or incomplete information that could raise a red flag about the level of care a patient received. The slightest detail overlooked can undermine a case.

  • Is this a bad case?
  • Will there be any surprises in court?
  • Can we win?
  • Should we settle before trial?

Our legal nurse consultants can speak candidly about and offer sincere answers to these kinds of questions based on the medical facts.

Medical Knowledge.

Another reason that legal practitioners and insurance firms hire legal nurse consultants is their thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, disease processes, and medical treatments.

As seasoned nurses are knowledgeable about several areas that can help in advancing your medical-related cases.

One of the primary duties of a legal nurse consultant is evaluating medical-related cases for merit. For example, the experts can evaluate whether or not a case is ripe for litigation and determining its defensibility.

  • A legal nurse consultant can help to evaluate the delivery of healthcare after checking medical records. They will evaluate whether or not the health condition at issue was due to failure to meet the expected standard of care. For example, the CLNC can provide a comprehensive report that points out medical issues with treatment and deviations from the required standards of care.
  • Insurance firms also hire legal nurse consultants to help in determining the proximate cause. The experts can identify factors that caused and contributed to the alleged injuries after reviewing and summarizing medical and nursing literature.
  • Another important role of legal nursing consultants is in assessing damages. The experts are knowledgeable about the elements of viable medial cases. This helps to save attorneys time, money, and energy needed for the work.

The experience that our consultants have in the medical field enables them to distinguish any pre-existing medical conditions from those that arise from specific events.

Additionally, once we have reviewed the medical records, our consultants will help you understand the ramifications of injuries and illnesses and identifying additional plaintiffs and defendants in a lawsuit.

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Our team of legal nurse consultants has extensive experience in the fields of critical care nursing, neurological nursing, nursing home administration, surgical nursing, general hospital nursing, emergency nursing, operating room nursing, pain management nursing, practical nursing, pediatric nursing, geriatric nursing, and certified wound care.

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