Medical Case Evaluation

Medical Case Evaluation: The Role of Legal Nurse Consultants




A thoroughly researched, meticulously prepared medical case evaluation report with substantiated facts you can count on to make your case.

Legal Nurse Consultants serve as the necessary bridge between the world of medicine and that of the legal profession. Lawyers often require professional medical input to evaluate the merits of a medical malpractice case. Having a member of your team that is a knowledgeable medical professional is key to identifying medical mistakes and even malpractice.

Prove Your Case

Throughout our medical record review for attorneys’ purposes, our CLNC’s medical review searches the entire record for key details and events.  We take into account all the factors of the case including things like:

  • Breach in the standard of care
  • Causation issues
  • The full extent of damages
  • Venue demographics
  • Plaintiff demographics
  • And more

By analyzing all of this information up front you are able to put together a better case.

Medical Case Evaluation in Telling Your Story

Our Certified Legal Nurse Consultants provide a comprehensive review and analysis of medical records in injury or illness cases. You have a story to tell to the jury and knowing the facts and having the evidence substantiated by a Jennifer Johnson legal nurse consultant builds your credibility and achieves a better outcome.

Our CLNC’s, for instance, will gather medical records and examine them for evidence of tampering. Beyond assisting with evidence, our consultants can serve as an expert witness in a court case. In this instance, they will provide expert knowledge and be able to explain complicated medical terminology and practices to a jury.

This kind of expertise can change the course of a court case and as such a valuable asset to any litigation involving the medical field.

A Review of medical records can include:

  • Screening to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Assessing alleged damages or injuries.
  • Preparing medical summaries and timelines.
  • Differentiating liability and causation issues.
  • Identifying gaps in treatment.

Our case review can provide you with an opportunity to resolve issues before heading to trial. It eliminates the uncertainty of how much initial malpractice, nursing home, or personal injury case evaluation will cost and cuts down on additional research expenses for your firm. Consider these medical evaluations as a sort of quality assessment check-up that is able to provide an unbiased assessment of the case.

Being able to identify shortfalls in procedures is a proactive method of saving medical industries unnecessary heart-ache from potential future litigation due to failed standards of practice. Medical evaluations are valuable.

These evaluations expand further into the scope of home health evaluations as well as facility evaluations. These are not only evaluations that may serve to avoid future litigation but are a service that is able to ensure the right level of care is given to for injured individuals and their specific needs.

The role of Legal Nurse Consultants impacts society on a large level: the legal field, medical field, insurance field, and the realm of the individual(s) that are suffering from medical malpractice and now find themselves in the middle of it all.

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