Systemic racism is the real ‘American carnage’

“A majority of white Americans still cannot come to terms with what black people have known forever: Racism is systemic, systematic, and nowhere near gone.” – Read the full story here.

Hello Fellow Citizen,

We as a nation are all emotionally drained, initially due to our national pandemic of COVID-19 and now due to witnessing inhuman atrocities of racism. For many years, I allowed racist hatred to take my voice away by burying the pain of racial epithets, too black, a token, and so on. No more. Being silent is being part of the problem. We all have a part in the healing of our nation. In my own little part of the world, I vow to be part of the solution. Your presence here is no accident. National healing begins with individual mindfulness and then willingness to change. Today, let us be part of the solution to end racism.

Steps Toward Constructive Healing

  1. Pray for the healing of our nation. Pray and vent with family and friends.
  2. Gain knowledge about racism to increase awareness and mindfulness.
  3. Recommended books and movies are listed below.
  4. Embrace understanding of the plight of African Americans. Love your neighbor; love is a relationship. Risk building relationships with African Americans. Get to know us as a person; reject fear and hatred. Increase in wisdom: redirect overwhelming anger and sadness to intentional constructive collaborations. In addition to daily interactions with people, decide how and where you will apply the new knowledge. Stealing is not a solution.

How To Apply This Knowledge

  • get involved with public policies to end institutional racism
  • collaborate with groups that enlighten and share your values (donate your time, money, ideas)
  • perform acts of kindness
  • stand up against injustices.


Movies To Watch…


When They See Us

The Hate You Give

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Jennifer Johnson - RN, BSN, MBA, CLNC® has 32 years of nursing experience; 15 at the bedside in our nation’s hospitals, rehabs and clinics, 17 years in-home health care, and 7 years as a CLNC®.